About Doorstep Refills

We offer local doorstep refills of cleaning, washing up, laundry, haircare, body wash and hand soaps from FILL, Bio-D, and Faith in Nature. 

How does it work?
You book your refill from the products listed in Doorstep Refills range. Contact us with any questions.

You leave your containers out for us to refill on the scheduled day

For refill of less than 5 litres- we refill on the doorstep on the scheduled day.  

For refills of 5 litre containers, we will take your container away and return it filled the same day or the following day.

Refills will be undertaken according to our Refills Health & Safety Policy.


Please book your refills through our website from the list of products at our Doorstep Refills range. You will have the option to either purchase a refill in a container you already have, or you can buy a new container (full) which you can then use for future refills.

When you have booked and paid, we will deliver your refills on the next scheduled day for where you live, as follows:

Girton Tuesdays
Oakington &Westwick Tuesdays
Eddington, Darwin Green and Castle Ward (Cambridge) Wednesdays
Histon & Impington Thursdays
Cottenham, Landbeach, Milton, Waterbeach


For example, if you live in Girton and order on a Sunday, it will arrive the following Tuesday. Please ensure your order is made by 6 pm on the day prior to our delivery days.

Any special instructions can be entered into “delivery instructions” at checkout (e.g. if you would like us to knock when done, or leave your refilled container in a particular place outside your house).

What refills can I buy?
You can buy either a 90 ml sample if you would like to test a product, or refills with a choice of volumes (for hair and body products- 250ml, 400ml, 500ml or 750ml, for cleaning and laundry products- 500 ml, 750ml , 1 litre , 1.5 litre or 5 litre (selected products only) ). If the exact volume of your container is not specified then you can either book the closest and we will refill it to that amount, or contact us to discuss.

What containers can I use?
We can refill into existing containers that have been washed and are dry, or we can supply you with a new container to start your refill journey. 

We strongly advise that you refill cleaning, hair and body products into containers that have previously only been used for similar products. Please note we will not refill any product into a food or drink container unless this is a repurposed glass container with all previous labels completely removed.

On the day
On the day of your refill, please leave your containers outside by 8 a.m. in the morning, and we will refill with the allocated amount. We are unable to specify a time, but please do contact us if you have any concerns. We will also leave a label for your container if it doesn't already have one.

Minimum order
Please note that we are not starting off with a minimum order for refill delivery. This is because we want customers to be able to try out new products and our refill service in an affordable and flexible way. However, a spend of at least £5  per visit will make this more viable for us in the longer term so if this is possible then we would really appreciate it. And of course, if you wish to order any other products from our website at the same time then we can deliver these at the same time as doing your refill. We will review this policy after a couple of months to ensure the service remains viable.