About Us

We are a pair of Sarahs! Based just outside Cambridge, we both have a background in wildlife conservation, working internationally, nationally and locally. We have seen first hand the damage being done to our natural environment, and its catastrophic impacts. But we have also seen many stories of hope and we are passionate about how the choices we make as individuals can change our impact on the natural world.

Sarah and Sarah

We created Green Blue You in 2020 to help consumers, business and local communities journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle. When making our own product choices we felt that there was a gap in the market for a company providing information on the environmental footprint of different products and offering the customer choices on how to improve them. As we develop our business, we hope to provide this kind of information in an accessible, transparent way. Some people are really far down this journey and some people are only beginning which is why we offer a range of sustainable products for customers at all stages of this journey.

We also want to work with local organisations and promote local products. We will try to buy products from small suppliers local to us- and to you- where we have this opportunity. 

Our initial product launch is only the beginning for us and we have so many more exciting ideas for how we want to work with consumers, businesses and local communities. Thank you for sharing this journey with us...

Sarah Ferriss and Sarah Smith, Directors, Green Blue You