GBY Health and Safety Protocol for Doorstep Refills

May 2021 


  • The process for refills will be clearly set out on our website. Please Contact Us with us.


  • The customer is asked to give any necessary instructions for accessing the property and for location of their bottles. Green Blue You reserve the right not to action the refill if safe access is not possible for any reason.

Containers used

  • Customers own bottles will be used. They will be required to be clean and dry before a refill is poured. The customer is responsible for ensuring that any container provided is clean enough to prevent any contamination from products previously held in the container. 
  • No food or drinks bottles will be allowed to be used for any of our refill products unless they are repurposed glass containers with all previous labels removed. We strongly recommend that all cleaning, hair and body products are only put in containers used previously for that purpose, or previously unused. 


  • Every refilled bottle will receive a sticker with the ingredients and any warnings on, with the exception of FILL bottles which are screen printed already. These will be printed on eco-friendly labels and will be left with your bottle for the customer to stick on or keep in a safe place for reference. 

 Batch Numbers 

  • We will keep track of all batch numbers in use for all products and ensure we follow all manufacturers guidance with regards to shelf life of products after opening. 


  • We will not mix batches in customers containers 

COVID Protocol

  • We will ask that customers ensure their containers are clean before leaving out. 
  • We will ask that customers let us know if they are anyone in their household are isolating due to COVID-19.
  • We will hand sanitise before and after touching all containers. 
  • For 5 litre refills we will take your containers away with us and return them filled on the same day or following day. In this case, we will ensure your bottle is labelled with your name and does not come into contact with any other customer's container.


  • Customers leave bottles on the doorstep at their own risk. We can not take responsibility for the theft of any bottles (empty or filled) from customers doorsteps, but we are happy to follow any instructions for leaving in a safe place and to knock when the refill has been done.

Compliance and insurance 

  • We have appropriate insurance in place including public liability insurance, and discussed this service with South Cambridgeshire District Council to establish that no additional licences are needed.