Rinse Aid Unscented - Local Refills

Rinse Aid Unscented - Local Refills

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*Local delivery only. If you want to place a postal order please contact us before ordering.* Please read our 'how it works' section for more details, including delivery days.

This eco-friendly rinse aid will help clean and dry your dishes free from water spots. We chose this product for its environmentally friendly ingredients as well as the refillable glass bottles, which can be used and re-used as often as you need. 

Vegan, not tested on animals, SLS free, no dyes, no harsh chemicals, biodegradable.

Store above 5°C

Organic percentage: 94.8%

Directions for use: Fill the dishwasher as per machine manufacturers’ guidelines, and check the level regularly.
Use less dishes. Do fewer loads. Wait until full.

Ingredients: Full list available here: https://www.fillrefill.co/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/FILL_INGR_rinseaid.pdf

Packaging: The refillable 500ml glass fill bottles are made in the EU using 40% cullet (recycled waste glass). They are 100% recyclable. more importantly, they are 100% refillable and re-usable!