Hand Wash Fig 10 litres

Hand Wash Fig 10 litres

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*Local delivery only. If you want to place a postal order please contact us before ordering.*

This eco-friendly hand soap has a gorgeous fig fragrance, and leaves your clean and refreshed. 

Set up a home refill station with this 10 litre Bag in a Box and ask us about local doorstep collect and replace. Add a glass bottle and a soap dispenser top for convenient top ups.

Vegan, not tested on animals, SLS free, no dyes, no harsh chemicals, biodegradable.

Store above 5°C

Organic percentage: 61.3%

Directions for use: Wet hands with warm water, apply hand wash and work into a lather. Rinse. 

Ingredients: Full ingredients available here.

Packaging: The outer cardboard packaging of the fill bag-in-boxes is 100% recyclable.  FILL are currently reviewing options to find the most sustainable plastic liners.

The refillable 500ml glass fill bottles are made in the EU using 40% cullet (recycled waste glass). They are 100% recyclable. more importantly, they are 100% refillable and re-usable!