Cleaning Vinegar 10 litres

Cleaning Vinegar 10 litres

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*Local delivery only. If you want to place a postal order please contact us before ordering.*

This cleaning vinegar is good on glass, floors, works surfaces, and bathrooms. Great at shifting limescale!

Set up a home refill station with this 10 litre Bag in a Box and if you are local, ask us about local doorstep collect and replace

Vegan, not tested on animals, SLS free, no dyes, no harsh chemicals, biodegradable.

Store above 5°C

Directions for use: For glass and surface cleaning, dilute or use neat. For descaling toilets, add warm water to the bowl, add 1/2 cup of vinegar, leave for an hour, flush. For bathroom cleaning, mix 1:1 with water. Spray on and wipe off.

Do not use on natural stone such as granite or marble quartz, unsealed grout or wax surfaces.

Dilute and wear gloves if needed.

Ingredients: Contains acetic acid that is produced in the UK and diluted to safe level (4.8%).

Packaging: The outer cardboard packaging of the fill bag-in-boxes is 100% recyclable. The plastic liner inside can be sent back to us (or we can collect) for re-use. FILL are currently reviewing options to find the most sustainable plastic liners.