Kraft Flower Wrapping Paper (3m roll)

Kraft Flower Wrapping Paper (3m roll)

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A gorgeous 'bloom' print, we love this ecofriendly wrapping paper with its bright and colourful pattern. We chose Planetwrapit paper as it is made from recycled materials, is fully recyclable, is free from solvent based inks, glitter, foil and is plastic-free. All paper is printed in Nottinghamshire, using UK based suppliers for recycled paper and ink.

It comes in a 3m x 50cm roll with a recyclable paper wraparound sleeve to hold the sheet together.

The ink cartridges used to print are made with recycled ocean plastic and are further recyclable.

Materials: Slightly textured recycled kraft paper (50gsm) made from recycled materials (80% recycled materials, 20% kraft paper to add wet strength). Water based inks.

Packaging and disposal: Packaging compromises a recyclable paper sleeve. Paper and sleeve are recyclable in household waste. But don’t forget to re-use first!

Paper which is soiled with food or grease should not be recycled.