Faith in Nature Pricing

Our customers will notice that some of our Faith in Nature product prices have increased in April 2022 in line with the new Recommended Retail Price (RRP). The brand has increased its prices due to rising costs, including costs of raw materials. We have increased our own prices of Faith in Nature hair products and soap in line with increases in RRP, and still consider these prices reflect value for money for a great product. However, we do recognise that these price increases have come at a time of some big hikes in cost of living for our customers. We will therefore continue to offer periodic promotions on Faith in Nature products, including matching the brand's own promotions where we can.  In addition, we have also taken the decision not to increase prices for our Faith in Nature doorstep refill prices at this time. This means our Faith in Nature refills are priced very competitively in the market, with a significant reduction compared to buying new containers. We hope this can help incentivise refills even further and offer genuine value to our customers.

Sarah and Sarah (Directors, Green Blue You)